Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiggy and Selection Day

This is a painting done for a friend whose little dog, Tiggy is very special.

She's quite elderly but I am greeted with such enthusiasm by both her and her 'sister' Abby.

I just love Tiggy's whiskers and the way she looks so poised, almost as if she was deliberately posing for the photograph.

Yesterday (Saturday - it is now early Sunday morning here in SA) was a hectic day. We had our society selection day for our Annual Exhibition which is held at the Sanlam Hall in the beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens. I am on the South African Society of Artists (SASA) committee and besides running around from one end of the hall to the other, was responsible for the computer work! Me, who's not that fantastic with computers, is deemed to be the computer expert! Oh dear.

It all went very well even though it was a long day and we had just short of 600 paintings submitted, a record. The judges were put through their paces, and it was a fascinating experience watching their marks. There are three judges and each judge gives his or her own mark without knowing what the others are doing. Apparently this works in England and we have adopted it here.

I was lucky enough to have one painting submitted, my still life, but the other two didn't make the cut. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old House in Lisbon

This is for Bill Guffey's challenge this month - Lisbon. I searched and searched and eventually found this old run down looking farmhouse type building (and yes, it is in Lisbon) that I thought was rather nice to paint.

I struggled a bit and feel it's not quite as I would like it, but I've sent it off anyway.

Another problem is the photography! My trusty old camera died. So now I've had to use a 'cheap and nasty' that my sister has. But that's no excuse, I just took lousy pictures! So if it seems a little bit blurry, it is, don't check your specs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cup Cakes

I don't often do the paintings from Karin's blog because I always seem to be so slow - never finishing in time to send to her.

But these cup cakes were irresistible! To paint, that is. I don't really like cakes of any kind to eat - I find them too sweet. I prefer salty and spicy foods and love the f
ood of the East, from India through to China.

I know many of you are going to think I'm nuts for not liking these sugary delicacies, but that leaves all the more for you out there!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hammersmith Bridge

The last time I spent any time in London was almost two years ago! Time goes by so quickly.

It was in the colder month of November. It was quite a shock coming from our really lovely sunny Summer weather to hit the streets of London at close to 5 deg C. But no matter what the weather, London is a place that I really do enjoy.

And by total coincidence, last month's challenge on the Google Earth site , The Virtual Paintout run by wonderful artist, Bill Guffey, was ... London! So my immediate reaction was to google where I went when I was last there, and one of the nicest sites was riding on the number 9 bus over the Hammersmith Bridge.

It is an incredible bridge - yes I know Tower Bridge is the one that is associated with London and beheadings and all that! but the little known Hammersmith Bridge has such lovely markings and old fashioned lights and all the little English quirks that we've come to expect.

Next time you're in London, take the no. 9 bus just for a trip to Hammersmith Bridge.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catherine Irene

Meet the newest addition to my family, Catherine Irene. She was born 7 days after I left Sweden, so I have never actually seen her in 'real' life, only through Skype!

This is painted from one of two pictures the family sent me and I think she's gorgeous! (But I am biased as well).

About the leaves and flowers in her hair. Midsummer is a national holiday in Scandinavia and they celebrate by dancing around maypoles and doing all sorts of wonderful summer holiday things. The girls dress in white and put garlands of flowers in their hair, so Catherine joined in the party, although she's only four months old at this stage.