Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Old Guy

Talk about getting through as the gate closes!

James Parker, that inimitable artist from Texas has his own challenge blog. For the month of June he decided to post 'Wrinklies' and what a wonderful subject! Nothing like the character in those facial lines of old folk, and because I'm heading in that direction, I like the idea of trumpeting those face maps.

But the deadline for sending it to him is TODAY. Luckily I'm quite a few hours ahead of the States, so I should just make it.

From tomorrow he will posting pics of doggies - one of my favourite subjects - check it out.

Here's my June 'Wrinkly' with a bit of a glare from the wet paint.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two Donkeys

Four months ago I took a two month break from watercolour painting. That was the last thing I should have done as I am now really struggling with my watercolours.

I love the medium but freely admit that oils are my preferred choice. But the discipline and clarity of watercolours will always attract. As a result I have spent ages on paintings, only to tear them up in frustration. Overworking again and again, even though I know I'm doing it but can't help it!

But if nothing else, I'm stubborn and will persevere until I get better at it. After all, isn't that what art is about?

This comes from a photograph taken in the Baviaanskloof area - there was a handler in the picture, but I just concentrated on the donkeys.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Dog called Khaya

Another painting of a young dog from DARG.

Khaya and her companion, were left to fend for themselves and were picked up wandering on the N7 highway just outside Cape Town (the main West Coast Road). Both youngsters, Khaya is a cross Husky Lab, were obviously just dumped as people become less and less able to feed and care for them.

An unusual name, Khaya is the Zulu (and Xhosa) word for 'home'. And the good news is that both Khaya and her "sister", Ujo, have just been adopted. I'm hoping that the new owners will donate to DARG for Khaya's portrait. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A South African Master

Well, I think I've finally made a deadline. It's been a bit of a sweat as I haven't painted for 9 days whilst on duty at our annual SA Society of Artists Members Exhibition. But here it is. This is my entry to the Masters Challenge blog run by Michelle Burnett and she certainly challenged me with this one.

Although I find landscapes quite daunting, I had no trouble at all in selecting one of my favourite South African artists to copy.

Pierneef (full name is Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef) has always been immensely appealing in his rather 'different', geometric way of portraying the landscape of our country. His love of the land shows through in all his work, a love, I guess, that is shared by most of us Africans.

This one is entitled Bushveld Autumn Landscape and was painted in 1943. I did check that I was within the copyright limits of 50 years; Pierneef died in 1957.