Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Gardener's Bicycle

I've been up since the early hours going through all the blogs on my side bar and haven't yet touched others that I visit when I'm on line!  I'm sorry if I've missed you or haven't left a message and I thank you all for continuing to visit my humble blog and leave comments.

I'm finding it's taking me longer and longer to finish a painting.  And during school term (because of teaching) I find I'm only seriously painting once a week.  Monday is my watercolour class, Tuesday to Thursday taken up with everything else, and Friday morning left for painting with the group.

As a result I found that after the last exhibition, I have very little (actually absolutely nothing that I would consider suitable) for the next exhibition which is just around the corner.  So I really have to pull my finger out and get into my little studio and do some work.

This was done in the Friday group and sold on the opening night of the last exhibition.  Bicycles will always remind me of Ramesh Jhawar who is an expert bicycle painter.  This was taken on a plein air outing at a private home - just around a corner I found this gem - the gardener's bicycle propped against the garden shed.