Monday, October 10, 2011

Last of the Summer Wine

It really was hectic.  Going from one exhibition to another, plus workshops, meetings and classes, I didn't seem to touch sides.

I was hoping that after this exhibition it would be the last for the year and things would quieten down and I would be able to spend more time reading all my blogging friends blogs.  I really miss them and the news out there.  But no, another exhibition has popped up, but thankfully this time all I will be doing is exhibiting, not organising.

But my news.  We ended one exhibition and then got ready for our selection weekend - a whole weekend set aside for people to bring in their paintings and for the judges to score points.  Nearly 600 paintings were entered and this year I got all three of mine selected.  After last year achieving nothing, it was great to even get a "commended" for one of them.  And I scored enough points to be able to exhibit at our first exhibition in February next year!  I must be improving!

The paintings that got the nod were firstly this one which I only finished recently,

and then these two, the two old ladies being "Commended"

Hopefully I will now have more time to visit everyone.