Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dry Dock

Gosh it's almost mid-Feb - time has just slipped by.

In January I seemed to be on the go the whole time, with 3 exhibitions to paint for.  And then on top of everything it's been so darned hot!  It must be the hottest January we've had in years with temperatures in the mid-30's (C that is).  The other day, I'm sure it topped 40!  But it's cooling down a little now, so the energy levels start to rise again.

I did rather well at the last exhibition which was the South African Society of Artists Merit Exhibition which I qualified for last year.  Sold a total of 5 paintings which was rather nice.  Considering on the previous 2, I only sold one.

This is one that sold.  It was done from a photo taken whilst plein air painting (or trying to) at the Waterfront in Cape Town centre.  It's called Dry Dock.

I had a quick trip around all my blogging friends, but haven't left any messages.  Will try and revisit in the next day or two.  Thanks for putting up with my tardiness!