Friday, December 27, 2013

The World is my Stage

Summer is here in all her glory.
That means the garden needs to be tended regularly otherwise one gets lost in mile high grass!  And summer is when we have most of our exhibitions.  So I've been painting very regularly - early in the morning when it's still nice and cool.  I also have my little TV with me so I can watch that wonderful summer sport - cricket!  India is here at the moment and we are into the second day of the second five-day test.  Cricket is definitely a game you have to understand to love.

I have work on an exhibition at the moment and then on the 1st January there is another one, followed immediately on the 13th and then again on the 23rd.  Different work for all of them!
This is one I'm putting on on the 23rd.  It's of a farm hand who works out in the Elgin area, relaxing in the evening, entertaining friends.

And then there was the death of our revered Nelson Mandela.  Everyone glued to the television sets watching the proceedings - a time of both sadness and thankfulness at what he did for our country.  It was also with great pride that we saw how the rest of the world held him in awe.  I was lucky enough to shake his hand at a press luncheon just after his release from prison.  Rest in peace Tata.
Nelson Mandela Timeline

I hope everyone had a peaceful Festive Season and may 2014 be the most wonderful year ever!