Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greyton Pastures

I'm still figuring out my work load at the moment and as a result haven't been painting like I should! (or want to)!

We are having the most beautiful Indian Summer with temperatures during the day in the mid to late 20s (centigrade, that is) - the one downside is that we are lacking in rain!  But it still makes for lovely plein air weather and I have been trying my hand at that.  Nothing good to post yet, because trying is still the operative word here.

The weekend after Easter I'm off on a pottery/ceramics course in the middle of nowhere - a village called McGregor which is utterly beautiful and unspoilt and an artists' haven.  Am taking my paints with me, so besides the new venture of pottery, I am going to try and put some paint on canvas.

One of my country forays was into Greyton two years back and I finally got round to painting these cows.  I am happy with this - it is looong, 48x18, but what a great size to work on.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy Bee

I seem to spend my time apologising for not blogging!  I haven't been visiting or blogging these past 3 weeks - how time flies - as I'm still coming to grips with this new 'job' I've taken on.  But it's slowly coming together and I'm getting my head around what is needed.

But I'm making no promises.  I will TRY to visit more often, post more often, and in order to do so, paint more often!  That's kind of taken a back seat as well - just my two mandatory days a week.

This little painting I did a few weeks ago and it's done from a photograph, with permission, taken by incredible photographer Marty.  Pay her blog a visit -she does the most amazing close-up work, and when I saw this bee, I had to ask her if I could paint it.  Merci Marty.

Well done India on winning the World Cup!