Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kalk Bay Fisher Folk

Life has suddenly turned a bit topsy turvy!

I spent last week at the exhibition doing duty and in between have been running to and from the city to  get my visa for Sweden.  I am off on Thursday to visit the family for 10 days, the main reason for going is for my grandson's Christening.  I will also see my year and a half granddaughter for the first time (outside of Skype, that is).

So, if I haven't visited you, I beg forgiveness!

This painting was done a few weeks ago and is of two youngsters who frequent the fishing village of Kalk Bay, helping their dad market the day's catch.  For a lot of these people it is their sole source of income and the whole family come out to help.  

I am donating this one to a fund raiser Art and Wine auction.  It is run by Rock Community Care which is continually looking to raise money to help the local crisis centres.  Hope it gets a few bucks for them!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Shouldered Kite - Pastel

I was going to post a different painting today, but was woken up in the early hours of the morning with the wind howling from the north-west, a wind that usually brings rain - so far, nothing.

But with this wind (which is par for the course living in Cape Town) comes the worry of a little sparrow's nest which I can see being whipped around in the branches of the tree.  It has already blow down once, and those industrious little feathered friends re-built it.  Being Spring, I also think there are chicks in there as both the Mom and Dad are constantly popping in and out.

Now I know this is not a painting of a sparrow, but a pastel of a Black Shouldered Kite which is another of John Kennekam's marvellous photos.  Just watching and keeping an eye on that nest, made me think of this one.

and this little nest is the one battling for survival in the high winds.