Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cycling Season

I think that I just have to accept that I can't (don't) get around to blogging as often as I should (could).  I miss so much of my blogging friends' work - work that has always been an inspiration to me.

And this winter has been absolutely gorgeous here in Cape Town - a couple of weeks of rain (which is necessary to fill those depleted dams) and some lovely, lovely warm sunshine.  So, apart from the society work that keeps me out of mischief, I have been happily painting in my studio in the back garden (no heating you see!)

Inspired by le Tour de France, I have posted this painting I did a couple of months ago of a cycle tour we have here - The Cape Argus.  If you want to see some amazing paintings of le Tour, have a look at Rob Ijbema's blog - he paints the Tour every year!