Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today is holiday here - Heritage Day.  I still haven't quite figured out the meaning, but I do know that it's also known as 'Braai Day' - translated Barbecue Day.  So there's a lot of meat being cooked over fires with plenty of beer to help the process.

I on the other hand, have been attending to my blog inbetween doing a bit of gardening.  Spring is nearly here and the lovely green buds on the trees are out as are some of my spring flowers.  Beautiful.  So, no painting today, but I did paint yesterday.  And this painting is of one of the waitresses at a coffee shop called Melissa's here in Cape Town.  This scored highly at the judging, so I'm quite proud of that!  And thanks so much for always visiting my very under utilised blog!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Morning News

Haven't been to visit anyone, it's late at night and I'm currently between exhibitions!
On Monday there are 2 exhibitions that I need to put work on and I really don't have much work available, having sold 4 last week.  I also have to keep back 3 which were selected for our Annual Exhibition in October and thereafter need to produce another 5 for January!
Isn't life great!
This is one that was selected.

Of a weathered man sitting outside having coffee.  Sitting outside in the cold winter weather because he needed to have his ciggie with his coffee.

I will do the rounds sometime next week and catch up with everyone.  A special thank you for all your great comments.