Friday, August 10, 2012

From Sweden

I think I've worked out that since I joined the art society council, my time spent on the computer is taken up with society things - hence the lack of desire at the end of the day to blog.

And I do regret not blogging when I finally get round to see what I'm missing.  The work out there in blogland is absolutely terrific and reading the blogs makes me feel connected to a wonderful art family.  All my intentions to blog regularly are there - they just don't seem to come to fruition.

We have just had our annual selection weekend and again, my job was doing the computer work and keeping track of the judges scores.  It was a hectic two days and I didn't do so well this year - only one painting was accepted out of three.  Never mind - just have to keep trying.

I am posting these two portraits of my daughter-in-law's young cousins in Sweden.  Her uncle asked me to paint them and I did struggle with Sophie because of the lack of light and shade on her face.  But they were happy, and that's what counts.  Two beautiful young people indeed.