Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snowbound Shed

I think I'm coming to understand the subtleties of the snow here in Sweden. Yesterday in the morning, it was only -1 deg C and by midday, we were up to plus 2! As a result there was a lot of melting snow and slush. Waking up this morning there had been a light snow 'shower' and the areas that were snow free yesterday, have a dusting of white again. The apples that we threw into the back garden for the deer and the birds sank into the snow but were visible, now they too are covered with a sprinkle of white. The birds still find them though, clever things that they are!

I did this drawing of the shed (which in Summer is going to be the playhouse) in the garden. It is a typical small Swedish garden shed. When I did this, the snow had melted quite a bit and the roof was nearly its normal dark colour. I have subsequently taken photographs of it covered in snow again, and will try and depict those at a later stage.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Liz, It sounds like you are enjoying your stay in Sweden very much. I did visit there (for only 3-4 days) many years ago and found it to be charming.

Art with Liz said...

Hello Carol, yes it is lovely here, but I'm not used to a black and white world, so am longing to get back to my African colours!

Anonymous said...

Bet you are missing the sunshine and colour! Good that you are still managing to sketch and paint as you must be very busy with all the family right now.

Sheila said...

-1!!!! my teeth are chattering just thinking about it!

I love the way you have those tree limbs draping over the shed. It looks like it's trying to keep it warm.

Ajay Patil said...

Never seen real snow in life . hope to see more snow paintings once you are back

Janelle Goodwin said...

Lovely snow painting. Hope you're having a wonderful time!

Art with Liz said...

Yes, I am really missing the sunshine and warmth Carolann, but it has been a unique experience for me with all this snow.

There are tall pine trees everywhere Sheila and yes, they do seem to drape everything. Glad you think I caught that.

Art with Liz said...

Hi Ajay, I guess like me you have to travel to the far north to see snow like this. It gets cold in Cape Town but never has frost and never ever snow! Before I do more snow paintings, I think I need to a few warm country ones.

Thank you Janelle. Life is very different here, but once you accept all the cold and snow, it really is nice.

Dianne said...

Dear Liz,
I have really enjoyed reading your postings regarding living in Sweden, how much longer are you going to be there? Are you waiting for a grandchild to be born?

Cathy Gatland said...

I'd love to visit Sweden (my grandfather was Swedish!) - but that cold :o You are going to want to strip off and just lie in the sun for a while when you get home. Lovely sketch with those branches.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the shed you spoke of. Lovely sketch. You must be having a wonderful experience.

Art with Liz said...

Hi Dianne, glad you're back after visiting your new grandchild. We are still waiting, and unfortunately I won't be here when the baby is born. The Swedish government won't extend my visa without my ticket being revised and I can't revise my ticket without the visa! South African passport you know. I will be back on Wednesday am.

Sweden is definitely worth a visit Cathy, especially as you have roots here. But come in Summer when there is so much to do and you can swim in the lakes and go hiking - it's really at its best. I will see the sunshine again in two days time!

Hi Jean. Yes I thought of you when I posted this one. Different sheds in different parts of the world. Maybe I'll now have to find a S.African one.

Anonymous said...