Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the Road

Sunday today, and my grandson is going to have his birthday party although his birthday is still 4 days away. He will be 7 on Thursday.

The plan was to have the party outside where they could play and have a fire to cook sausages for hotdogs. But this morning we awoke to more snow and where there was a little bit of thawing, the world is now black and white again. And the snowflakes are swirling down. So no snowball fights, no building of snowmen, just indoor games.

During last weekend we went down to Stockholm and visited, yes, wait for it

As a South African, Ikea is a whole new world to us. There are no stores quite like it. And quite frankly, it's a whole lot warmer in a building than it is outside.

We also took a drive through to Uppsala, the university town which was founded in 1477.(the University, that is). The Swedish Institute of Space Physics is also there as is the Astronomical Observatory. All very high tech! It was also the main pagan centre in Sweden. I took some photos on the way there and from the blurry images and my memory, came up with this drawing.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Liz, How long are you in Sweeden? I'm cold just looking at this...You are good with linear perspective...I hope you are doing a visual journal...!

simoart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you have a great time in Sweeden and thanks for sharing this drawing with us.

Cathy Gatland said...

What a different world you are in, Liz! Such history mixed with such hi-tech, not to mention the cold, snow and Ikea (would love a peep in there). Your sketch gives an excellent idea of what you're experiencing. Enjoy the birthday party - best wishes to your little grandson.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Liz, Wonderful painting. I have a fondness for paintings with houses in them though I don't often paint them myself. We recently had an Ikea open near us, it is quite the experience to visit one for the first time. You can get lost in there, lol.

Marian Fortunati said...

Great sketch!!! It makes me cold just looking at it... but at the same time it's lacey and really quite lovely!
Glad you're having a great adventure. We have IKEA here in Southern California. When we go in we enjoy the COOL air conditioning!! ;o>
Happy Birthday to your Grandson!!

Susan Martin Spar said...

I did get lost in one, Barbara! I think Ikea designs their stores so that you have to walk through everything in order to get out. You sketch is so right "on". Tons of snow and only a little bit of dark color to mark a building. Hurry home, Liz.

Sheila said...

You're hilarious Liz. My first guffaw of the day. Thank you for that. Continued safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, the only Ikea I have visited was in Spain, it's a great place for picture frames I believe. Great sketch for your journal.

Art with Liz said...

I'm going to be in Sweden for another week Saundra and am looking forward to getting back to the warmth of Africa! It IS cold here. Unfortunately I haven't been doing very much painting. Just one or two.

Thank you for the visit Arthur. I enjoy your work as well.

Cathy I don't know if Ikea will ever come to SA, but it is an experience especially here as this is the home of the company. It was thawing out, but now it's back to all that snow again!

Hi Barbara. I'm not one for painting houses, but it's easy in Sweden. Just paint some red in a sea of white! Ikea is designed so that you walk from the top to the bottom and spend an absolute fortune. Very clever!

Art with Liz said...

Hey there Marian. Thanks for the nice comment. I'm struggling a bit with these watercolour pencils, but am persisting. When I get home, I'll be going to the local mall to get cool too, I hope!

Thank you Susan. I am missing my 'things', but it is nice being with the family as well.

Hi Sheila, thank you. LOL

Apparently this is the biggest Ikea in the world! Carolann, but then Sweden invented it, didn't they. It is such an event going to one, that I don't really know if I'd like the chain to come to SA. My journal is filling up, but I think I'm a long way from the stuff you guys put out.

Art with Liz said...

To Juliandra in Holland. Thank you for visiting me. I have no way of contacting you, so hopefully you will read this.

Carol said...

Hi Liz. Love your sketch! It echo's with peace and quiet. A far cry to what we have in Cape Town at the moment. The coloured pencils can be very vivid but you will get used to them. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday!!!

rob ijbema said...

i can imagine you look forward getting home now liz,could it be a more different world!?
great you did that sketch,it tells the story nicely!

Art with Liz said...

Maybe a little too much peace and quiet, but you're having a torrid time with fires again. I'll be coming to you for lessons with the pencils.

Rob I think I am getting very weary of a black and white world. At least in Wales you have variation - here it is just snow! Everywhere! And thank you for your comment.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Hi Liz, enjoying hearing about your travels and visit with family.

The Timber Wolf is a beautiful painting.

Mineke Reinders said...

I can tell you're ready to leave the cold and snow. I'm happy too, that the snow has finally melted here and temperatures are above freezing. Your sketch is lovely though, a serene white world with a shock of red from the building, I love the atmosphere of peace and silence in this. Have a safe trip home when you go.

Zhao Jinxing said...

Hello, Elizabeth Pearson, Thank you very much for visiting my blog and appreciation. I wish you joy and happiness!

simoart said...

Great painting, I can feel the cold looking at it. I love the snow, I do not have any in South Florida.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Liz! *waving paws* my goodness you have all sorts of stickers on your traveling trunk! We love Ikea here in Dallas. The Texans don't quite know what to make of the "itty bitty" chairs and couches, tho. I'm glad you are home now, but reading about your travels is fun. sending you warm pughugs from Big D.

Anonymous said...