Sunday, July 13, 2008

Window in France, Archway

Well I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing. After spending all those years in advertising, working with a computer the whole day, this should be a doddle. But it's as though the whole computer/working/stress overload process was wiped from my brain cell overnight. Anything electronic and I phone my son who lives in Sweden, and the exasperation in his voice is quite clear. Anything computer challenging, and I refer to my sister (who in turn refers it to my son in Sweden if she can't do it!) The little watercolour pic I posted on my first attempt, was accompanied by another two. All three were done whilst sitting in front of the television watching cricket. Here are the other two.


EboRâguebi said...


I'm Luis
Player of Rugby
I Your Blog

Until one day

Dianne McNaughton said...

Hi Liz, welcome new blogger/artist, I am also new to this blogging thing, I met Carol at the art society and she encouraged me as well. Hope you have some fun, I am already corresponding with artists in Hawaii (sp!!) and the States.