Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Fisherman, Desert Trees, Seascape

Sunday morning and great to relax after a hectic weekend. Friday morning was a return to our social painting group at the Frank Joubert Art School in Newlands after a two week (school holiday) break. It really was nice to be back socialising, drinking tea and, yes, painting as well. I use this time as catch-up - I have too many unfinished paintings that don't seem to get done and Friday morning is a perfect opportunity to work with like minded people! I was looking through some of my paintings from a year ago (that's when I started) and I've gone from the 'not so good' to the 'improving daily' phase. I started with acrylics in Philip Glazer's classes (where I met some lovely people), but am now firmly 'dedicated' to oils. These are some of the first acrylics I did!

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Carol said...

I love the two trees! Don't remember this one!