Friday, August 10, 2012

From Sweden

I think I've worked out that since I joined the art society council, my time spent on the computer is taken up with society things - hence the lack of desire at the end of the day to blog.

And I do regret not blogging when I finally get round to see what I'm missing.  The work out there in blogland is absolutely terrific and reading the blogs makes me feel connected to a wonderful art family.  All my intentions to blog regularly are there - they just don't seem to come to fruition.

We have just had our annual selection weekend and again, my job was doing the computer work and keeping track of the judges scores.  It was a hectic two days and I didn't do so well this year - only one painting was accepted out of three.  Never mind - just have to keep trying.

I am posting these two portraits of my daughter-in-law's young cousins in Sweden.  Her uncle asked me to paint them and I did struggle with Sophie because of the lack of light and shade on her face.  But they were happy, and that's what counts.  Two beautiful young people indeed.




Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Great job really. Inspite of the hectic schedule you did manage to paint.

hmuxo said...

These two paintings look like photos, Liz!! You did an AMAZING job with looks like you've been incredibly busy, like you should be! Glad you're back and posting.

Marty said...

Liz, I see that you are very busy, but I don't forget you and I'm always happy when you leave a comment on my blog !
these two portraits are really wonderful Liz and I can understand
that they were very happy ! great work !
sophie and Isak are so beautiful !
I wish you a lovely weekend
kisses from France

Prabal said...

We do miss you here on blogland. :)
I just love Izak's portrait. He just looks so calm and composed.
Really hope to see more of your paintings here.. And congrats on that painting which was accepted. :)

CrimsonLeaves said...

I think you did a beautiful job on both of these, Liz.

Anthony Duce said...

Though you don’t seem to have the time, your work is still great. Beautiful portraits.

Anonymous said...

I admire anyone who can paint portraits. These are lovely Liz.

Peter Lee said...

Lovely work!

Arti said...

These two a just wonderful! Great to see your work again, Liz.

Marian Fortunati said...

So good to hear from you Liz. It sounds like things are very busy but going well. Sorry all three paintings didn't get in... but then that's in all of our dreams... and we all end up with some not getting in.

The important thing is to keep enjoying what your are doing.

Traffic Pulse India said...

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Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Lovely portraits Liz! Sounds like you are staying busy.

Harry Kent said...

Beautiful work, Liz. Great portraits of two lovely people.

I understand exactly the problem of life getting in the way of blogging! But i now think to myself that the initial flush needs to give way to more seldom but steady contact. No one is forgotten. And at my age, what's a few months here or there?

So savor life to the full. We will be here to catch up when we all can.

Warm greetz from across the Indian Ocean (once you return from Sweden!).

Χρυσούλα Μαυροπούλου said...

hallo Liz
ich bin neu hier,und habe fast alle bilder vn dir gesehen.Und bin sehr überrascht!!Du malt sehr sehr toll,und deine portraite sehen so lebvoll aus.Ich gratuliere dir,und bin auf dein nächst gespannt!!!
liebe grüsse aus Griechenland-)))

Mary said...

These portraits are lovely, Liz--they seem to be ready to say something to all of us, they are that alive! I am blown away by skilled, soul-filled portrait painters--it seems like such a difficult subject to me. I have the same experience with keeping up my blog. Although I enjoy both posting on my blog and visiting other blogs, it seems difficult to establish a regular routine. We all love it when you do post--however often that may be.

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