Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunshine Award

Every  now and then some enterprising person sends out an award to marvellous people in our blogging world.

The latest one is the Sunshine Award and what a lovely idea it is.  I have received mine from fellow South African and fabulous West Coast artist, Marie Theron.  I hope to connect with Marie after Easter when a group of us plan to take a painting trip to her wonderful part of our world.

I am also so thrilled and blessed to have 135 people following my little blogging patch and the first thing I would do is to pass this award on to all of you who have made my life so much richer.  So I'm breaking the rules (I think Autumn Leaves also bent them a bit), but then creative types aren't really known for being that obedient!

Please take this award with my thanks and may your days always have sunshine even when it rains.


Shirley Peters said...

Thank you Liz.
I will post it on my site, and link back to you.

Prabal said...

One of the songs from a latest Bollywood film goes like this.

"Give me some sunshine
give me some rain
give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again"

Thanks a ton for the sunsgine part. :)

AutumnLeaves said...

Rebel without a cause; that is me! LOL Very well deserved, Liz! Your comments and your art always bring a bit of sunshine to my days!

Marie Theron said...

Hi Liz, I have received this award twice and wondered if we should now pass it on beyond the art crowd....what about the foodies?

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Thank you Liz--since it's snowing here, a Sunshine Award is really nice!

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Congratulations and Thank you so much for always being my best friend on blogosphere with your ever encouraging and positive comments :)

Art with Liz said...

Thank you Shirley and I look forward to seeing the sunshine on your amazing blog.

Prabal, that is absolutely lovely! Thank you Bollywood! And thank you Prabal.

My dear Sherry aka Autumn Leaves - you gave me the idea and I did so want to acknowledge all my friends in blogland, so thank you very much!

Dear Marie who sent me the award in the first place - what a GREAT idea! Spreading as much sunshine to as many people as possible - Why Not???

Am so glad you've accepted it to put a bit of colour into your snowy days Rhonda. Enjoy.

Ah Ramesh you have been a special person in my blogging life and I thank you for always being there with your wonderful comments. Now we just won't mention the cricket!!!

Ajay Patil said...

congrats. the rate at which you are receiving these awards soon you will be Sachin Tendulkar of blogging world :)

Art with Liz said...

Oooooh Ajay - that is one amazing compliment!!! What a little Master he is, but we were annihilated - killed - deader than dead! A magnificent innings to watch. A Sunshine Award for you and a Silver Bat for one of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen!

Silvia Williams Paints Watercolors said...

Hi Liz, come to my blog to recieve another Sunshine Award. We in Western North Carolina need it. It has been a tough winter. Enjoy.Silvia