Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brown Eyes

I have discovered I love painting portraits, even though they don't always turn out the way I'd have liked them to. The expressions and character on faces shines through, especially when they think you're not watching. A photo taken when someone isn't watching can be priceless, but I guess the best is painting with a live model. I have done that once, wasn't happy with the result, but need to try it again. During these December holidays with the nice warm weather, we'll be going out into the forests and onto the beaches to paint 'plein air', so maybe I can catch some of my fellow artists unawares!

That's for the next few weeks. In the meantime, this little watercolour was taken from a pic and done in our watercolour Monday group. I feel, again, that I've overworked it, but I will get better with practice - that's what I've been lead to believe, anyway!

Check out Sharon Wright's, Susan Carlin's and Susan Martin's sites for some exceptional specialised portrait work.


Sharon Wright said...

Lovely portrait, you are very brave using watercolour, I'm too scared! Might free me from the dreaded fiddling, though! Now there's a thought,
Thanks very much for the link and wonderful compliment. You made me blush.

Sylvia Jenstad said...

Elizabeth... thank you for the homor of tagging me....

n. rhodes harper said...

I love painting portraits too Liz. You did a wonderful job on this portrait, I don't feel that it is overworked. I love the simple color palette. She has a moody quality. I wonder what those gorgeous eyes ar looking at and what she is thinking. Bravo.

Dianne said...

Well done, Liz! Beautifully painted, not easy to paint portraits using watercolours, this seems to be your forte! You say you love painting portraits, isn't it great when you find how and what you want to paint - go with it!

Marian Fortunati said...

Watercolors are tough!! I can't imagine even trying a portrait with them.. But you do them so well.
At least with oils I can re-work parts that are icky.
Have fun doing the plein air work... I imagine it's nice and warm down you way, isn't it?

Art with Liz said...

Thank you Sharon - I love your portrait work, so blush away!

Sylvia - I don't know about this tagging thing. It has it's benefits in that we get to know each other better, but I've never been a fan of chain letters. Thank you for accepting the tag.

Ah Nancy, she really has a beautiful face, I just hope I did her some justice. Thanks for the compliment.

Dianne, as ever you are so gracious and coming from you, always greatly appreciated.

Thank you Marian, when you're new at anything, you don't know the pitfalls, so you try it all. I need to find my space in the plein air world - maybe my equipment isn't right, maybe I just need to practice. And yes, the temp today is 28 deg C - I don't know what that is in F!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Liz, Very nice portrait, can't imagine painting it with watercolors. Nice of you to visit me, I'll stop back again.