Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lion's Head from Table Mountain

Oh I have been very lazy these past few weeks. I seem to have started three or four paintings and then stopped. Maybe it's that time of the year, what with the weather finally warming up and the promise of summer on the way. The exhibition also seemed to take up so much time even though I only had one painting selected. I volunteered to help out at the show and that gave me a lot more time to actually look at the artwork on show - and what an amazing amount of talent we have in this little corner of Africa. I feel quite honoured that I was included!

With the advent of summer, I have also decided that this winter weight must go, so it's off the gym for me. I am going to try and do at least three mornings a week at 30 minutes a stretch so I don't have to buy a new summer wardrobe! Also teaching Tai Chi once a week will get those under-used muscles a bit of a workout. One thing I won't be doing, is climbing Table Mountain. This is from a picture taken by my cousin from Kwa-Zulu Natal whilst on holiday in the Cape. I have loosened up my technique quite a bit - I was trying to get too picture perfect. Comments would be most appreciated.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

nice blog :)

Carol said...

Great Pic Liz - have you thought of entering this into the woolworths competition? Could earn you R5000!