Monday, August 4, 2008

Beaded Beads

I have always loved working with my hands, whether it was knitting, potting or just digging in the garden. Painting has always been there, but I never (a) had the time, or (b) thought I was good enough. Now I've realised, you create because you want to, and not for what anybody else thinks of you. One of the elements of creating that I really like is beading. I do it simply because I like it - I never wear jewellery, so I now help my teacher, Maré Abbott by putting together the work she visualises. If you would like to join her classes, e-mail her at Classes are held in Cape Town, but she does teach in Johannesburg and Durban. Here are just two examples of firstly, beaded beads and the second is based on a Zulu rope design.

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